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Kim Kalman
I’m Not Alone

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Joyful Noise

In life we are taught to believe that what comes from the heart reaches the heart. While there is doubt and speculation pertaining to those sentiments these days, rest assured all doubts are settled after listening to I’m Not Alone, the CD from singer/songwriter Kim Kalman. This CD in its entirety will cause you to experience pure joy and peace as Kalman interprets musical postcards of praise and adoration.

From the very first song, Surely (the Presence of the Lord is in this Place), Kalman puts her own signature on each praise chorus giving the listener an invitation into the very gates of Heaven. A feeling of reverential appreciation is evidenced in Holy is His Name, a fitting accolade to the majesty of God. On Take this Offering, a hill called Calvary sets the stage as Kalman prayerfully offers her life in appreciation for the price Jesus paid by dying on the cross.

There are mini views from the heart of the psalmist contained in each song on this disc. Not to be soon forgotten is the poignant title cut, I’m Not Alone. While the vicissitudes of life may bring loneliness and despair, our spirits are lifted once we are reminded that we aren’t alone for God is always there. Those sentiments are again echoed in God with Us. The lyrics themselves speak of God’s greatness, higher than any question, deeper than any need, wider than all that we can imagine, greater than anything. The chorus resounds with an unshakable declaration; you are Holy Holy God Almighty God with Us.

Kalman strikes the right chord with the songs contained on this set. This CD is a welcome addition to the favorites list.

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