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A Kim Kalman Concert
in your own living room!

A private show for you, and your family and friends in your own living room. Open-ended, free-form, a great chance to see and hear Kim in a casual, intimate atmosphere.
Kim really enjoys doing home concerts. It gives her a chance to play with no lights, no speakers, no formalities - just Kim & her guitar, sitting around. And you'll get to hear your favorite songs in a one-on-one concert.

You have Kim's permission to record the audio, or videotape the show for your private use.
What a great gift idea!
How to get this started?

It’s easier than you think. Here’s the whole package laid out for you.

1. Click here to make sure Kim is available

2. We will send you the promotional material.

3. Invite group of friends

4. You lay out some munchies and provide a nice environment.

5. Kim will arrive one hour before the performance to set up.

6. Kim will have her CDs there to sell and sign.

7. Kim will play for an hour or so and then toddle off.

8. What a great reason to get friends and family together for an intimate night at home with awesome music!

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Living Room Concert Guide

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