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“My music is both a
passion and a gift.’s too short
not to live your

If music is a gift, Kim Kalman received a major inheritance. Her grandpa, George Kindler, was a band leader with a hot swing band and his own radio show in the 1940’s. Known for his riffs on a mean sax, he played it his way.
As Kim Kalman rocked her cradle to the big band sounds of her mother’s favorite golden oldies station, WNEW in New Jersey, it became apparent that George Kindler’s granddaughter had inherited his passion for music.

Music is in her blood, and Kim plays it her way. She does not fit into a niche. She does not sound like anyone else.

Although fully in command of her acoustic guitar, Kim’s voice is the true instrument. Her song selection and interpretation echoes her spirituality as she alternately lifts you, rocks you, soothes and seduces.

A graduate of the College of William and Mary in Virginia, Kim earned her degree in business management while performing in local venues. After careful consideration, Kim chose to apply her business management skills to her own career in the music business. She followed her heart and never looked back. That road took her all the way to Nashville, Tennessee, where Kim has recorded all of her current CDs: Moonlight, At Last, Close, and A Christmas to Remember along with her Christian debut CD, I'm Not Alone, her highly acclaimed Christian CD, Let The Door Swing Wide, and her most recent Christian CD, I Look To You.

Moonlight, Kim’s CD of original material, includes songs that have awarded her the honor of being named one of the top ten songwriters at the Kerrville Music Festival and Honorable Mention in the Billboard Song Contest.

It isn’t often that a gifted songwriter is also a gifted performer. Kim’s true passion for music is revealed in her performance... from fundraisers, festivals and Fanfest, to appearing as featured artist at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and Harrah’s Casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. In her unassuming way, Kim transforms a large auditorium into an intimate gathering of friends. One walks away from the earthy honesty of a Kim Kalman performance feeling good.

* * *

What the critics say about Kim Kalman...

“Kim Kalman always sings straight from the heart. Her songs speak of truth, romance and love.”

“Her voice is consistently warm and pleasing, sensual at times... Her natural tone is that of contralto, but with a three-octive range... She's an exceptional singer and an engaging entertainer... ”


“Kalman... an assured performer with obvious talent... controlled and witty, effortlessly holding her audience...”

Christine Evans, YORK TOWN CRIER

“Kim Kalman... emphasizes the positive... with her crystal clear voice, precise phrasing and superb guitar picking style...”

John Harper, THE COAST

“The vocalist's natural warmth and enthusiasm overflow into her music. Her hearty melodies, crisp vocals and understated guitar licks have made her one of the area's most popular solo acts.”


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